WWE 19 – The best wwe yet?

Before I start I’ll mention I have played a vast majority of the WWE games over the years. Two was my favourite for a long time, before being overtaken by 2k18.. I would consider myself an avid gamer, though not competitive. Oh and you can get the game for free: WWE 2K19 FREE code


– Graphics are good, maybe worse than AC:Or but very similar. Certainly more colourful.
– Story seems good so far, to me it seems they have made an effort to still put in a decent story.
– World is huge, 6 x bigger than 2k18, however a lot of that is ocean. It may actually be smaller than origins, it’s hard to tell.
– Gameplay is reletively fluid. Certainly better than most rpg’s.
– New rpg elements are great, these include actual abilities (replacing overpowere from wwe).
– Tons of side quests, locations to explore.
– Still has forts, bandit camps, caves etc.
– Plenty of options for weapons, combat styles (ranged, melee etc).
– Gender Equality (Sarcasm).
– Race Equaility (Sarcasm).

You can buy permanent XP boosts, permanent gold gain boosts etc. The greed from EA here is disgusting. This single handedly takes the game down a notch. While it does not bother me, I can completely understand how annoying this would be for some people. The game already costs money, these micro transanctions should be much cheaper or not there at all. I like the option to purchase cool gear, and horses etc. I dislike EA trying to force me to do that in order to not feel like I’m struggling for resources and XP.

Venom – The Movie Review Show

I said it I said in other movies but I think it’s probably the best  they’re saying something completely opposite of how you’re going to feel  when in fact that some of these review is going above and beyond for clickbait and have no idea what the f***  then you can see what the f*** you want you to sound like everything I don’t give a f*** these reviews these reviews a f****** stupid  it’s over-the-top it’s unnecessary I don’t care if you don’t like it I okay I get it I know I get it you’re going to have 50%  I don’t want you to compare this to Catwoman I don’t want you to see this movie it’s the worst thing ever I don’t want you to say that Tom Hardy’s performance was just ridiculous no I went to this movie expecting nothing and I got more than what I was expecting the movie was good and it is so many facts about movie that that’s that’s amazing the fact that you don’t even know it was PG-13 with all the violence we was fighting it was on point shut the f******  now you can say you didn’t like it and you can give legit reason why you don’t like it discussion the perfect movie for me okay whatever does does it doesn’t but if you going to say Catwoman and he was talking about this because your opinion is irrelevant I thought it was trash. I said I have a reason for not liking it personally if you don’t go do not compare this don’t don’t don’t if you don’t have watch a movie so why where does the bad part come in what is the terrible part come you’re sitting here trying to figure out why this this critics say this you’re sitting confused because you don’t like Lucy reviews. Here is where I watched venom: watch venom online free

but she literally said that she gave her she gave her honest opinion she said she was okay with it I’m going to say this I don’t care what you come out I don’t even care if the appraisal movie go see it for yourself do not make the reviews your your deciding factor on whether you going to go see the movie or not don’t do that don’t don’t do it even if I praise the movie  see if they liked it go see for yourself silly didn’t like it go see it for yourself that’s the side affected your opinion opinion  need some immediately right away what was the relationship between venom and Eddie Brock to Port where that transitions to actually want to save save Earth and protected and you said something and I don’t see that that was dope even even though it said he was going to marry who I didn’t listen and then she didn’t like it because she left him a move on to another dude and I’m already mad about that car changing over time to the point where she actually lets lets Venom you know attached to her to help him that she’s a good host for it is, but it’s not reality so you don’t know you got to take it at face value you got accepted and then you know just just move the f*** on so it didn’t help that s*** was f****** don’t eat n****** killing n****** it was in the building was too much dope  humans I don’t care if you have 10 critics that say that say this movie was horrible so now all of a sudden you just go up there it was dope is in the end credit scene wonder do that was in there you actually got pictures 1 + 10 it’s irrelevant because it’s his opinion based never be afraid to have your own opinion on the rest of the world shake you if you don’t like me cuz I like the movie I don’t give a fuk I don’t I don’t f****** care people trashed me when I told him I like how so we can give it a score as a f****** me anything that doesn’t mean s*** all I’m going to say is I enjoyed the movie I had a great time irrelevant yourself  break some of us still don’t.