Far Cry 5 Review + How to get it for FREE!

This game is like a cool looking movie you thought would be cool. The trailer looked great and the poster was cool so you go to see it. The first 30 minutes were great but soon it got really boring, there was alot of long scenes that had nothing to do with the plot, forgettable music, characters that were all style and no substance, and more plot holes than in swiss cheese. So 2 hours later you walk out of the theater forgetting about it the next day like you never even saw it.

That is what this game is. A mediocre movie that is neither good or bad enough to make a lasting impression on you.

I would not recommend this game to anyone really. If you must have it wait for it to go on sale for like $20.00.  It does have great graphics. The game map looks terrible and was hard to use. Great graphics but the game’s map ruin the game. The Autodrive feature was useful too. Far Cry 5 that was just released should be a game that you can’t put down and want to finish on the first night, however I think it does lack some crucial game features.

Far Cry 5 is a special game even though it could be optimized better, it is one of the most immersive games I’ve ever played. The Far Cry series in general has been extremely immersive since Far Cry 2 and I think that this game really took things to another level.

The open world is filled with interesting places to explore and items to discover. What also makes exploring this world so immersive is the fantastic traversal mechanics and the physics engine. You can abseil down into caves and swing over huge drops high up in the mountains. It’s all really well designed and implemented which makes this game a pleasure to explore beyond the main campaign.

This is the first time that I 100% completed a game and the progression interface was really clear and helpful while doing this too. This game showed me that 100%ing a game can be very relaxing as my immersion increased after completing the main campaign.

Once I decided I was gonna take my time with this game I relaxed more into experiencing the world. In my opinion Far Cry 5 is a perfect game to 100% complete. The side quests are diverse and genuinely fun while the collectables are located in interesting locations. If you are interested in playing far cry 5, i would suggest you watch this video: how to get far cry 5 free for pc!


Overall 8/10 on Steam!

Who hasn’t heard of Fortnite? This GAME IS SO FUN!

Fortnite had potential but the devs need to fix problems inherent to the engine and a host of other problems especially with hackers and campers. I hate camping but am literally able to place top 10 every single game if I camp which signals to me that there is something wrong with the meta of the game in regards to positioning.
Just play the mobile version, even though they are both horribly optimized. First time playing the mobile version and I get a chicken dinner. many matches of the PC version later, still haven’t won. Thats okay tho, the game is full of bugs and performance issues so, yea… I wouldn’t recommend it in it’s current state. What gets me is that the game (PC version) is out of early access and claims itself to be a full release, but doesn’t feel like one. I think you’ll have fun for about 5-10 hours before calling everyone a hacker. Wait, that’s just me? Oh okay. Seriously though, how does somebody one tap you across the map with no scope on their weapon, just the regular iron sights??

Gosh, Fortnite had so much potential. It surely defined a genre. However, if you get this game, be warned: you will be enraged. And not because you were close to winning. But because of the shear number of hackers, the awful connections and servers, the lag, and the players. It’s just toxic. Every match starts with people acting like two year old heathens that know nothing better than yelling random vulgar at eachother. However, I have had a crazy amount of fun when I used this fortnite hack & was getting free vbucks!

Epic Games, I sincerely thank you for bringing out the popularity of the genre. You helped pave the way. But I just can’t endorse a game with this many flaws and little support.