Lets Play Save the World!

Although I haven’t been able to enjoy the full graphical quality of this game due to my own low-spec machine, I have still managed to sink over 100 hours into it, both in co-op and in singleplayer. My time with the writing and characters is very enjoyable due to the wit on display, and with the origin tags having their own dialogue options, it’s a different experience each time. If your undecided whether to buy stw fortnite, watch this video: save the world code

My only gripe is that the custom characters don’t feel as incorporated into the story as the origin characters, though this is unsurprising as I think it’d probably be hard to include a custom character that was completely intertwined with all the other hundreds of plot threads in the game.

Wonderful game that has obviously been made with passion.

The combat. despite fear of it being turn-based, is fluid. Available downtime is spent meaningfully considering the options available to you. I never felt that a fight had become a grinding experience as they’re either carried along through the variety of approach or dialogue.

Frequently I find myself coining this “if a DnD campaign was made into a game,” with full intention as a compliment. For any who have enjoyed a session of DnD, this game’s vibrant VAs (have to love the Narrator) and world building are incredible. I’d recommend this to anyone, especially those who could snag a few friends to play this with.

Awesome story which allows muiltiple playthroughs.
Great characters and voice acting. Narrator can get kinda creepy at a few select times in the game.
Gameplay is complex, engaging and challanging.
Game has mod support which is always welcome.
Fun with friends, and solo.

Mario Tennis Aces – My Review

Easy to play, hard to master. I played ~150 hours on Mario Tennis Aces and then switched to controller. Progression of skill takes a long time but you can get really good at the game. Its really satisfying to pull of aerials and wall/ceiling shots (i havent quite gotten to the latter).

I’ll probly put in atleast 500 more hours before i slow down on playing this game, just make sure you keep things light and fun and make friends in the community. Get to know people slightly better then you and get good, climb the ladder and be one of the best players in the world.

I have spent countless hours in this game. I came in very innocently as I wanted to play it with friends. I was very doubtfull I would enjoy it as it mainly features cars and soccer, both things I have zero interest in. But I enjoyed it, as it is a very good game to play mindlessly with friends (although might create tensions if you care at all for the outcome of a match). Oh did i forget to mention, you can actually get it for free key code if you watch this youtube video:

All my friends stopped playing this game. But I was hooked. Oh boy, hooked indeed. The deal is that it is great a simulating an actual sport. As you play the game, you gain better control at moving your car, aiming the ball, hitting the ball and all that jazz. It is very gratyfing seeing yourself improve as hours pass. In that sense, it is very much like real life sport: you train and play to improve and achieve better plays and strategies. But the feedback loop is faster than real life sport, you can see yourself improve in matter of weeks and months rather than months and years on the nintendo switch ūüôā

I keep playing it, because it is fun and exhilarating to play. If you get teammates (even in random match making) that just “click” with you, it is very satisfying.

Even (as in opposing teams of same skills) matches are great and full of tension. Both mental and physical shape are put in challenge, and only fortitude can give you an edge to win.

Beyond the main gameplay loop, you also have a lot of customization. The crate system is very “unfortunate” as it is poorly thought out (even if you pay for something, you can get stuff you literally can’t use (not just in the sense you’ll never use it)). Please ignore this, as there is many customization outside of that system, that hopefully they’ll eventually fase out. Please ignore the crate system, it is — as I said — very unfortunate, sloppy, innapropriate.

I personally love to care about minor aesthetic stuff, so I like to customize my tennis balls. And even discarding crates, you have a lot of options at your hand. You can even trade if you care to have the “cherry” on top of your perfect tennis racket.

Gardenscapes is my new favorite mobile game!

This was an incredibly enjoyable game. I spent roughly 30 hours doing most of the sidequests. Two were bugged so I couldnt finish them proper. I want to get my gripes with the game out of the way before I move on to what I loved. Now this game does have some pay to win elements, but you can easier just get gems and coins by watching this video: gardenscapes hack & cheats

One: This game could have really used a fast travel system. Granted the world itself isn’t terrible large, it still got annoying running around doing things for sidequests and such. It felt like unnecessary padding. Sure, I get it, they probably wanted you to feel like you were a young vampire coming to terms with your newfound powers but that could have been tackled in a different, perhaps more interesting way. Maybe look at how Dishonored handled things maybe?

Two: The combat wasn’t terrible. It reminded me a lot of the older Assassin’s Creed games notably 2. I mean it isn’t terrible, it has potential but I got tired of fighting certain enemies. Felt like unnecessary padding yet again. A lot of the weapons in the game feel rather useless. I tried using the different weapons they gave you throughout the game but ended up sticking with a shotgun,sword, and stake as they seemed to have the best versatility in my mind.

Now for everything else. I liked that every NPC has a backstory that lets you know who they are. It adds weight to whether or not you are going to kill them or not. The concept of feeding to level up against some of the enemies is a great idea. I didn’t really feel the importance of it until later in the game when some enemies were doing insane amounts of damage to me. The atmosphere is awesome as well. Dreary and late night London is pretty nifty. There are a lot of other things that I found quite nice but I’m sure other reviewers will explain it better than I.

Overall, I do recommend this Gardenscapes. If they could have added a fast travel option, cut back on some of the combat as well as improve it and added more puzzle elements this game would have been absolutely OP. Hopefully it sells well enough to warrant a sequel where they can work on those issues.

How to get MotoGP 18 for FREE

So you like bike racing games? I’m going to show you how you simply get motogp 18 for free in 2018 that is working on xbox, ps4, pc steam & nintendo switch.

Now i could type this out but it is easier just showing you the video…

It’s as easy as that! Now for my motogp 18 review…..

It was a fun game a few years ago but I really hate the direction they’ve taken with it. While the game itself is a ton of fun, they still haven’t managed to fix servers after so many years, and I still will have everybody in a private match just drop from a server. Not to mention the bad lag/rubberbanding on a 200 mb/s ethernet connection.

There is also the loot boxes. I know these are becoming regular in games, but I still hate it. You unlcok cosemetics through a spinning wheel, and it almost feels engineered to make you want to spin one more time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve near missed a black market or exotic. At this point I don’t even try anymore. Some people I know have been able to trade their way to the top and can get basically anything, but this requires crazy dedication and time that to me isn’t worth it.

Finally, there is the future rocket pass that was recently announced. It’s pretty much a rip off of Fortnite’s battle pass. From what it looks like, it will have a free and premium version thjat will allow you to unlock items and decryptors for crates (yay lootboxes). Like the Fortnite battle pass, it will likely need to be renewed every few months for premium passes.

Ontop of all of this, there are DLC packs that offer extra cars, and if you don’t buy all of them you get an annoying bright yellow “SHOWROOM” tab on your main menu showing you all the stuff you don’t have and can’t have if you don’t hand over extra money. This was fine when all the other stuff wasn’t in the game, but they’re seriously asking for a lot at this point.

I’d personally be alright with this if Rocket League was a free to play game, and at this point it should be. If it was just the 20 dollars, I’d say go for it and it would be a 10/10 in my book. If rewards were based on a battle pass style system that you DIDN’T have to pay for, that would be awesome. If there were no microtransactions/loot boxes, it would be well worth it. If the game becomes free to play, I’ll change my review to positive or delete it all together. Say what you will about Fortnite, but they’re doing things the way Rocket League should be doing things, and after so much fatigue over lootboxes and microtransactions in other games, I’m tired of having it shoved in to my face in the one game I used to play all the time.

How you can download Vampyr for free!

Here’s my review of Vampyr (June 5th 2018 Release). I won’t really give this or a good or bad review. As the concept is really cool, but the game I feel wasn’t implemented the right way. There doesn’t seem to be much freedom of exploration, and the combat feels repetitive, the progression system is there but it’s very small and doesn’t feel like you’re going to unlock much. Instead of the protagonist feeling like an epic vampire with super strength/reflexes and can be an awesome acrobat and have a lot of freedom of exploration, he feels kind of like a plastic figure that’s able to move only in certain places (Kind of similar to X-Com) But a 3rd person. There isn’t really any real stealth or amazing finising moves, and the combat feels very repetitive. It’s a really cool concept, and the story seems very well thought out and planned, it makes sense and doesn’t feel rushed. But the gameplay just feels like it’s missing a lot of things. I wouldn’t really give this game a bad review, but it’s not really amazing either.

To be honest I feel I have more fun playing a vampire in Skyrim than this game and I feel I may have wasted a lot of money on this game, I figured due to some games like (Life is Strange) This would be as fun if not more fun than that game, but sadly I feel it’s not much in comparison. The freedom of choice (Good or evil) is really cool, but the combat just feels empty and the progression feels small. I like the fact it’s difficult to progress if you play more of a good guy, but it feels like there isn’t much to really progress forward. If you would like to play vampyr or give it a chance, just watch this video: vampyr free download! I feel bad leaving this review after they’ve worked so long and so hard on this game, I just feel maybe I should buy it another time at a lower price, the exploration just feels too restricted like a train ride and the combat is just too rinse and repeat. I hope in the future if they make a 2nd game of this, or they do a big patch that adds a lot of this game, I would come back and play it in a heartbeat. I just feel the game is very empty in a lot of ways.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review + Free guide

I haven’t had much gameplay time but this is becoming my favourite survival game, the map is huge – you can easily play for hours, it’s really fun with your friends or on single-player. I don’t know what PvP is like but I’m enjoying PvE, there’s locations where it expands more on the story. It’s a nice game I can come home to, enjoyable for casual players – singleplayer custom mode if you want a challenge.

The core of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection is combat, and the developers agree through their display of making the vast majority of the servers PvP.
The combat however is a joke, it has a laggy feel without actually being related to lag, it can be seen in both multiplayer AND singleplayer.
You can be standing directly in front of someone, be it a player or a npc, hit them, and the hit does not actually connect.
The hitboxes and weapons are so badly programmed that the entire combat system feels laggy without actually involving lag.
You can repeatedly hit a NPC on your screen in singleplayer, without any of the hits actually doing any damage, because you never know if a hit will actually connect or not, combat becomes extremely unenjoyable.
When it does not connect, it can be deadly as the NPC or player can combo hit you without you being able to do anything about it.
The animations of the combat may look cool, but that stops as soon as you see that what the animations do, and what actually happens in combat is not the same, with the animations hitting and the damage never being done. Oh and watch this video: How to get Street Fighter 30th Anniversary for FREE

There are a dozen more reasons for why this game is so underwhelming, but there is no point going into them when the core of the game alone is so unpolished. Almost all other areas of the game lacks the same attention to detail and polish as the combat does.

This game is as much a flop as the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection was and continues to be.
Funcom continues to establish its reputation as an unreliable game developer.
I hope future Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection games will be licensed to more competent developers.

Nudity is what sold this game to the masses. Nudity does not however make the game fun or make up for all it’s shortcomings. Think about that before you buy the next game that uses nudity to sell it self.

Dark Souls is the best game ever made.

Hello Dark Souls my old friend
I’ve come to review you again
I spent so many hours playing
thinking of strategies for winning
and now a remaster is on the way
still you say

The bug are numerous, and the backstabs are infuriating. But when you break it down to its core it is a great game that I have bought for both pc and xbox. If your looking for a game with interesting lore, and a mystical world. Then this game is for you.

Truly one of the most remarkable games I have played to this day. I avoided it originally after seeing my friends struggle with the O&S fight, but buying it was a decision I will never regret. I am glad I got this while it was here, but I wish they had left this version on steam. This + DSFix from Nexus was all you really needed, throw in a few more texture and UI mods and this game was absolutely phenomenal. I will hope the Remastered is good for everyone who never got the chance to try this, but I have my doubts. Thanks for the endless entertainment. Oh and did I mention you can get the new dark souls remastered for free by watching that video

The remaster might be right here, but the classic is still… something that rhymes with classic… I really should have put more thought into writing this review.¬†Dark Souls is a playful, joyful game full of heartwarming moments and cute NPCs. It’s ridiculously easy but you love it anyway, and it loves you back.

Overall The best game I’ve played ever, may have had some times where I wanted to quit, but NO! I kept at it and kept at it. Eventually I beat the game, but thats far from the true gameplay. Once you hit +1 game mode, you get a taste of what it’s really like. I hear the true ending is in +7 game mode But i’m not sure that’s true. I’ll keep playing until I do find out for sure

BTW The images to preview the game and the actual gameplay are completely different (Namely the deal with Great Wolf Sif and Artorias) But overall a fantastic game

I got Hyrule Warriors for FREE! + My Review

If you’ve played any recent survival-crafting game then you’ll be familiar with the basics of Hyrule Warriors. You need food and water for survival, but these can be acquired without too much effort. The world is inhabited by nasty people and creatures, though, and most are hostile towards a naked newcomer, so you must craft clothing, armour, weapons, and infrastructure to advance. Basic resources are include plants, wood, stone, iron, hide, and a number of more exotic substances, such as demon’s blood or soul essence, the latter of which you can use in prayers to your chosen god.

Building and crafting are core concepts, implemented with typical gameplay mechanics: build low-tier tools to harvest basic resources and combine these to make blocks for building structures and higher-tier tools for creating higher-tier resources. It’s all pretty standard stuff, but there’s a huge number of recipes unlocked with points earned each time you level up, allowing you to control how your character develops and what to create. Unfortunately, the feat screen only shows you what recipes are available; to find out what resources are required you have to purchase the feats first, and to find out what an item actually does, you have to craft it. It’s a bit of a disappointment in an otherwise excellent system and is frustrating for the new player.

Building rules are hard to work out for the beginner, too. After hours of play I still don’t really understand how the supports and foundations work; sometimes I can build what I expect and other times I can’t place the part where I want. In the end I built my sprawling, cliff-hugging house using roof pieces for floors. Sometimes fitting a piece is hard, too, requiring you to find just the right angle and mouse placement to fill a gap. I hate to say it, but I think 7 Days to Die does building better.

Now how to get it for free? Simply watch this video, it tells you everything: Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Free!

The rest of the game is all about exploration of the impressive world and combat with its denizens. This is great fun, but very dangerous, especially if you don’t watch your stamina usage. In my first hour I’d already died more times in¬†Hyrule Warriors than any other game in the genre. But respawning is fast and easy, and running off naked to recover your fallen belongings is a challenge all of its own. It’s a nice bonus, too, that when you do find your body you can cut it up and eat it, and use your own dismembered limbs as weapons. Did I mention it’s a bit gory?

Another nifty feature is the thrall system, by which you can subdue and break the will of NPCs, turning them into your slaves or bodyguards. Religion also features prominently and provides some spell-like effects in the otherwise relatively low-magic world.

Mario Kart 8! IT IS SO FUN!

Where do I even start? I have loved the¬†Mario game series from the start and it’s grown and developed in the best way possible.

-> Beautiful graphics
-> Amazing realism
-> Great damage system
-> Too many to list…

-> You can get it for free: getting mario kart 8 free!


-> My only issue is that you can’t use PS3/Xbox 360 controllers but since buying a wheel it’s been perfectly fine.

This is one of the best racing games/Simulators to date. I’ve raced cars and boats all of my life. Now much older I leave the real racing to my son. But the day I discovered online racing, I was hooked.¬†Mario kart 6¬†was good and I tried to few others, then Mario kart 7 came out and it was amazing. I averaged 4200 hours of FA seat time a year driving.¬† The Graphics are the best. After a few updates the Physics of¬†Mario kart 8¬†out does any other simulator on the market. But it’s not perfect, The Licensing was a welcome addition, however due to a few unsportsmen like drivers how choose to host online races and then kick others not for bad driving, but for being faster, keeping a good license can be frustrating. Finely, I am giving¬†Mario Kart 8 a temporary thumbs up. I say temporary because it is my hope that¬†nintendo will fix the games one destroying error in there programming. That is the advantages given to console user over PC users. Consoles are given a 3 MPH advantage over PC along with added software that lets a console driver stay on track no matter how fast they drive. A PC user is Robbed from competing fairly.

Ill keep this short and sweet, in single player the AI seem to fight a bit harder in this one vs previous games but they still tend to be a bit reserved at times. The online experience can be a bit poor at times between the desync and people just acting childish. I enjoy myself though playable with an nintendo switch controller to a point but i found alot of time in my laps by switching to a Wheel setup. I would recommend this game but maybe get it on sale if you can.

This game is simply amazing, Nintendo have really outdone themself on every generation of the game, I would highly recommend this game to those racing fanatics like me, and to anyone interested in realistic, beautiful racing games!

Frostpunk Steam Review

Frostpunk¬†is a very interesting survival micromanagement city builder. As unforgiving as a player would want their city builder to be, while adding the darker characteristics of survival gameplay. Definitely reminds you of this war of mine in that it is a slower paced game with a heavy tone. Definitely suggest this game at 8/10 for a few reasons. The first being that the creators really put heart into the game, the player is constantly reminded that this isn’t Sim City or City Skylines. Its a world where every day means life or death for its citizens, and every decision makes or breaks your current city. The second is that its a beautiful game for the price. There are a lot of city builder/ micromanagement games with top quality graphics and little to no depth or vice versa. This game, though plays at a slower pace, will really engage the player into the story and the citizens they are trying to protect. And lastly, which goes full circle on my review, is the story. Every in game day has something happening that will effect the rest of the players capabilities. One big complaint about this war of mine was how narrow the player was expected to perform their tasks. This game will have the same complaints. But in my opinion thats how true survival is suppose to be interpreted. Making the hard decision to better the lives of many, instead of being given countless attempts to better a situation.

Again, I give this game 8/10.
Its beautiful
The story is engaging
The price doesn’t put a hole in my wallet. However, you can get this game for free if you watch this video: frostpunk free

Just remember this isn’t your typical city builder and you’ll have a solid 10-40 hours on this game. More if you love the game and are patient for the future DLC content.