Who hasn’t heard of Fortnite? This GAME IS SO FUN!

Fortnite had potential but the devs need to fix problems inherent to the engine and a host of other problems especially with hackers and campers. I hate camping but am literally able to place top 10 every single game if I camp which signals to me that there is something wrong with the meta of the game in regards to positioning.
Just play the mobile version, even though they are both horribly optimized. First time playing the mobile version and I get a chicken dinner. many matches of the PC version later, still haven’t won. Thats okay tho, the game is full of bugs and performance issues so, yea… I wouldn’t recommend it in it’s current state. What gets me is that the game (PC version) is out of early access and claims itself to be a full release, but doesn’t feel like one. I think you’ll have fun for about 5-10 hours before calling everyone a hacker. Wait, that’s just me? Oh okay. Seriously though, how does somebody one tap you across the map with no scope on their weapon, just the regular iron sights??

Gosh, Fortnite had so much potential. It surely defined a genre. However, if you get this game, be warned: you will be enraged. And not because you were close to winning. But because of the shear number of hackers, the awful connections and servers, the lag, and the players. It’s just toxic. Every match starts with people acting like two year old heathens that know nothing better than yelling random vulgar at eachother. However, I have had a crazy amount of fun when I used this fortnite hack & was getting free vbucks!

Epic Games, I sincerely thank you for bringing out the popularity of the genre. You helped pave the way. But I just can’t endorse a game with this many flaws and little support.

How to: Psoriasis Treatment

There are several types of psoriasis.  Some are more common than others and some may target younger individuals such as psoriasis.  This type of psoriasis is a relatively uncommon but it does tend to target children and adults under thirty.  Like all types of psoriasis it is not contagious.  With psoriasis the skin is covered with small, red and scaly tear-drop shaped spots.  The areas normally affected are the arms, legs, eyelids, back, bottom, bikini line, neck and middle of the body.

A person will usually have an outbreak of psoriasis following some sort of trigger whether it be stress, certain medication etc.  This outbreak of  psoriasis usually follows some type of infection.  The most common infection that triggers this type of psoriasis is an upper respiratory tract infection.

Since a person with psoriasis is susceptible to severe itching, secondary infections and severe pain your doctor will treat it by trying to control the symptoms thus preventing any secondary infections.  A severe case of this psoriasis often will be treated with immune suppression medication which is usually some type of steroid.

After treatment psoriasis can completely clear up especially in the summer months.  This is typical for any variety of psoriasis where in the summer it will improve and in the winter it tends to worsen.

The next type of psoriasis that we will look at is psoriasis vulgaris or as it is more commonly referred to,  plaque psoriasis.  Of all the types of psoriasis, plaque is the most common.  Although both men and women can get plaque psoriasis, women tend to develop this type of psoriasis earlier than men.  This will appear on the skin as raised areas of inflamed skin covered with silvery white scaly skin.  These patches of oval shaped red plaques will burn and itch.


Plaque psoriasis usually first presents itself in a person between the ages of sixteen to twenty-two.   Eighty per cent of the people who suffer from psoriasis will have plaque psoriasis.  As is common in all types of psoriasis, plaque psoriasis seems to occur after the person has suffered some type of bacteria or viral infection.  Also the severity of plaque psoriasis seems to decrease in summer months and increase in the winter months.

A severe case of plaque psoriasis can be treated with potent steroids in the short term.  The steroids are not recommended in the long term treatment.

Although plaque psoriasis appears as a skin condition it is actually a disease of the immune system.  When a person is suffering from plaque psoriasis what actually is happening is that immune cells are activated and start to produce too much of a protein called tumor necrosis factor.  So even though the outcome of the disease is outward on the skin it actually starts from inside the body.

The next form of psoriasis that we will take a look at is inverse psoriasis.  This particular type of psoriasis can be found in the folds of skin in the armpits, groin, under the breasts, genitals and the buttocks.  Though it doesn’t have the scales similar to other types of psoriasis it appears as a red rash that is quite tender.  It is very painful and difficult to treat because of where it is located in the folds of the above mentioned areas.  This type of psoriasis occurs in two to six percent of psoriasis sufferers and it is more common in people who are obese or overweight.  A person who suffers from inverse psoriasis usually suffers from some other form of psoriasis such as plaque.

The triggers for inverse psoriasis are friction and dampness associated with sweating.  You can see the impact this would have on an overweight person.

Stress Could be Behind Your Psoriasis

Of the many different ailments that many of us deal with on a regular basis, stress is usually the one which is most complicated for us to cope with. We may be able to manage many different situations that we come up with our healthiness, but for the majority of us stress seems to be untouchable. The real glitch with stress is, it cannot only cause us to suffer emotionally but it might be the underlying cause for many other physical ailments too. A good example of this is noticed in psoriasis.

Psoriasis is generally considered a genetic disorder wherein the T cells in the body are triggered from time to time, making the body’s own immune system to turn against itself. There exists a natural process that occurs in the body which takes the cells from the lower level out through the outer level and ultimately they fall away. This generally takes up to a month to happen but whenever these T cells are activated, the new skin cells can pass through the layers in a week, creating this visible skin condition.

It is very heartrending to note that there is no lasting treatment for this particular skin ailment, although there are some natural things which could be performed to help you to get over it. More than likely, you are permanently going to have the genes in your body which make you susceptible to this sort of problem, but by preventing the triggers which can set off a flareup, you may be able to live a life that is free from any noticeable symptoms.

Avoiding the stress that you typically feel can be a very challenging thing, for sure. As a matter of fact, you can find many people who are continuously facing stressful conditions, and there is no way for them to totally evade the stress from their lives. Nevertheless it is certainly possible for you to manage your stress by employing certain stress relief strategies like practicing meditation and so on.

Some of the things that you can execute to escape the stress would take in deep breathing exercises, exercising on a regular basis and ensuring that you are eating the appropriate foods. You also have to consider some of the problems that you are dealing with in a proper light and some of them are, quite honestly, not worth stressing over. If you can manage your stress effectively, you would be surprised with how much less of a difficulty you have with psoriasis.