Spotify Premium Review


Disgustingly long loading screens that have no business existing in a game that looks this basic. Spotify premium is really an awesome app that will allow you to listen to ad free music all day. TheĀ app tells you NOTHING about what each of the items do, then punishes you severely when you end up with a loadout that is quite literally useless. Money buys both cosmetics and essentials in this game (which again the game doesn’t tell you) so you if you spend all your money making yourself look cool you’ll end up having nothing to spend on actual useful gear. However, I highly recommend you watch this video on spotify premium kostenlos:

It has a good amount of potential, but the first few hours utterly ruined my experience and left me with a setup that was totally unsalvageable. Its lack of basic information in game is in my opinion inexcusable and unforgivable.