Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Review

Seeing Dokkan Battle with mixed reviews made me sad. Ive had too many people ask if the games worth it, and worried about buying it. Everybody seems to be complaining about the network connectivity that; A: used to be an issue but honestly hadnt had a problem fow quite a while. B: Was really easy to deal with as you could just rejoin your game from the start menu. C: Honestly probably just people’s laggy internet. I love this game, i have a squad of around 8 people that play it and its cray fun. Playing solo can be relaxing and having us all in a lobby where we can decide who needs what parts or who should go what weapons, customising our favorite outfits and laughing about how bad we are when we aren’t focused. It’s not a hugely frusterating game while still being difficult, i think my only gripe with the game was the connectivity issues when it first came out, and the fact that PS4 Dlc’s and add ons are talking a really long time to get into the Pc Port. Overall great game. one of the better ones i still continure to play. If you are need of some help in-game just use this guide on youtube: Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats

– No poses after drinking/eating,
– No longer punished for hurrying by being able to eat during the hunt, im always the guy who looks at monster weaknesses and builds accordingly, but my friends dont, and they are ready the moment they pick a quest.
– Gathering is instant,
– Amazing graphics