WWE 19 – The best wwe yet?

Before I start I’ll mention I have played a vast majority of the WWE games over the years. Two was my favourite for a long time, before being overtaken by 2k18.. I would consider myself an avid gamer, though not competitive. Oh and you can get the game for free: WWE 2K19 FREE code


– Graphics are good, maybe worse than AC:Or but very similar. Certainly more colourful.
– Story seems good so far, to me it seems they have made an effort to still put in a decent story.
– World is huge, 6 x bigger than 2k18, however a lot of that is ocean. It may actually be smaller than origins, it’s hard to tell.
– Gameplay is reletively fluid. Certainly better than most rpg’s.
– New rpg elements are great, these include actual abilities (replacing overpowere from wwe).
– Tons of side quests, locations to explore.
– Still has forts, bandit camps, caves etc.
– Plenty of options for weapons, combat styles (ranged, melee etc).
– Gender Equality (Sarcasm).
– Race Equaility (Sarcasm).

You can buy permanent XP boosts, permanent gold gain boosts etc. The greed from EA here is disgusting. This single handedly takes the game down a notch. While it does not bother me, I can completely understand how annoying this would be for some people. The game already costs money, these micro transanctions should be much cheaper or not there at all. I like the option to purchase cool gear, and horses etc. I dislike EA trying to force me to do that in order to not feel like I’m struggling for resources and XP.