GTA 6 Beta Download Review – How does it compare to GTA 5?

It’s a lot of fun, I highly recommend it. Be aware that the CPU requirements are fairly intensive, I actually purchased it without checking, and as a result was unable to play wiothout upgrading my computer.

If you’ve got the PC specs, it runs like a dream and looks beautiful. The gameplay get s a bit grindy after a while, but hunting everything once is a worthy enough goal to keep you going for a long time.

Highly recommend trying co-op with a friend. OH and if your friend is on a iOS device tell him to watch this youtube clip: gta 6 ios

This game is the best Grand Theft Auto I’ve played. If you are a fan… You should get it. I have had Zero connection issues (preordered) and My friend and I have always been able to get into games together. Ive done all the quest and now I am just grinding for the gear and decorations I want while waiting for new content. Took me about 60 hrs to beat the game game and 100 hours to complete all quest (I ran a bunch of different quests which added to the time but I am not complaining about it).

GTA 6 a unique game franchise, and this is the first time its coming to international PC port. Recommend it just because no other game can pull off the charm this franchise has. Thats all.