Fortnite Cross Platform Guide!

Fortnite is fantastic. If you can be patient and wait for Epic Games to iron out their network issues and you play with a controller, I can easily recommend this game. After playing on Xbox and Playstation, the PC version is definitely the best version.
My biggest complaint is the PC community’s skill level. Y’all need to look up some videos or read some forums and git gud. Now if you want to play with other players cross platform simply watch this youtube video: how to crossplay fortnite

Feed me with your hate-filled comments. I love you all.

– Deep crafting and loot system
– Very nice visuals and world
– The world feels very alive (You’ll see monsters fighting each other, other players joining your quest to help you, NPCs have interesting convo and stuff to do)

– Combat system is average. Locking, healing, looting and running feels unsmooth and can be annoying. Eg. You have to stop carrying your weapon each time you loot something/ heal
– A lot of disconnects and unable to find session
– Its not fun to play this game alone. It ll feel like a crazy grind

Great game. Trash online play.
I dont know what the is up with it but its hard to play with friends and you get random errors which force you to play offline. Don’t know why you can’t start offline by default anyway. Long unskippable cutscenes are also trash. You can’t join your friends quest until they have watched the cutscenes, and even after waiting you need to pray that it will actually allow you to join