Mario Tennis Aces – My Review

Easy to play, hard to master. I played ~150 hours on Mario Tennis Aces and then switched to controller. Progression of skill takes a long time but you can get really good at the game. Its really satisfying to pull of aerials and wall/ceiling shots (i havent quite gotten to the latter).

I’ll probly put in atleast 500 more hours before i slow down on playing this game, just make sure you keep things light and fun and make friends in the community. Get to know people slightly better then you and get good, climb the ladder and be one of the best players in the world.

I have spent countless hours in this game. I came in very innocently as I wanted to play it with friends. I was very doubtfull I would enjoy it as it mainly features cars and soccer, both things I have zero interest in. But I enjoyed it, as it is a very good game to play mindlessly with friends (although might create tensions if you care at all for the outcome of a match). Oh did i forget to mention, you can actually get it for free key code if you watch this youtube video:

All my friends stopped playing this game. But I was hooked. Oh boy, hooked indeed. The deal is that it is great a simulating an actual sport. As you play the game, you gain better control at moving your car, aiming the ball, hitting the ball and all that jazz. It is very gratyfing seeing yourself improve as hours pass. In that sense, it is very much like real life sport: you train and play to improve and achieve better plays and strategies. But the feedback loop is faster than real life sport, you can see yourself improve in matter of weeks and months rather than months and years on the nintendo switch 🙂

I keep playing it, because it is fun and exhilarating to play. If you get teammates (even in random match making) that just “click” with you, it is very satisfying.

Even (as in opposing teams of same skills) matches are great and full of tension. Both mental and physical shape are put in challenge, and only fortitude can give you an edge to win.

Beyond the main gameplay loop, you also have a lot of customization. The crate system is very “unfortunate” as it is poorly thought out (even if you pay for something, you can get stuff you literally can’t use (not just in the sense you’ll never use it)). Please ignore this, as there is many customization outside of that system, that hopefully they’ll eventually fase out. Please ignore the crate system, it is — as I said — very unfortunate, sloppy, innapropriate.

I personally love to care about minor aesthetic stuff, so I like to customize my tennis balls. And even discarding crates, you have a lot of options at your hand. You can even trade if you care to have the “cherry” on top of your perfect tennis racket.