Gardenscapes is my new favorite mobile game!

This was an incredibly enjoyable game. I spent roughly 30 hours doing most of the sidequests. Two were bugged so I couldnt finish them proper. I want to get my gripes with the game out of the way before I move on to what I loved. Now this game does have some pay to win elements, but you can easier just get gems and coins by watching this video: gardenscapes hack & cheats

One: This game could have really used a fast travel system. Granted the world itself isn’t terrible large, it still got annoying running around doing things for sidequests and such. It felt like unnecessary padding. Sure, I get it, they probably wanted you to feel like you were a young vampire coming to terms with your newfound powers but that could have been tackled in a different, perhaps more interesting way. Maybe look at how Dishonored handled things maybe?

Two: The combat wasn’t terrible. It reminded me a lot of the older Assassin’s Creed games notably 2. I mean it isn’t terrible, it has potential but I got tired of fighting certain enemies. Felt like unnecessary padding yet again. A lot of the weapons in the game feel rather useless. I tried using the different weapons they gave you throughout the game but ended up sticking with a shotgun,sword, and stake as they seemed to have the best versatility in my mind.

Now for everything else. I liked that every NPC has a backstory that lets you know who they are. It adds weight to whether or not you are going to kill them or not. The concept of feeding to level up against some of the enemies is a great idea. I didn’t really feel the importance of it until later in the game when some enemies were doing insane amounts of damage to me. The atmosphere is awesome as well. Dreary and late night London is pretty nifty. There are a lot of other things that I found quite nice but I’m sure other reviewers will explain it better than I.

Overall, I do recommend this Gardenscapes. If they could have added a fast travel option, cut back on some of the combat as well as improve it and added more puzzle elements this game would have been absolutely OP. Hopefully it sells well enough to warrant a sequel where they can work on those issues.