How to get MotoGP 18 for FREE

So you like bike racing games? I’m going to show you how you simply get motogp 18 for free in 2018 that is working on xbox, ps4, pc steam & nintendo switch.

Now i could type this out but it is easier just showing you the video…

It’s as easy as that! Now for my motogp 18 review…..

It was a fun game a few years ago but I really hate the direction they’ve taken with it. While the game itself is a ton of fun, they still haven’t managed to fix servers after so many years, and I still will have everybody in a private match just drop from a server. Not to mention the bad lag/rubberbanding on a 200 mb/s ethernet connection.

There is also the loot boxes. I know these are becoming regular in games, but I still hate it. You unlcok cosemetics through a spinning wheel, and it almost feels engineered to make you want to spin one more time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve near missed a black market or exotic. At this point I don’t even try anymore. Some people I know have been able to trade their way to the top and can get basically anything, but this requires crazy dedication and time that to me isn’t worth it.

Finally, there is the future rocket pass that was recently announced. It’s pretty much a rip off of Fortnite’s battle pass. From what it looks like, it will have a free and premium version thjat will allow you to unlock items and decryptors for crates (yay lootboxes). Like the Fortnite battle pass, it will likely need to be renewed every few months for premium passes.

Ontop of all of this, there are DLC packs that offer extra cars, and if you don’t buy all of them you get an annoying bright yellow “SHOWROOM” tab on your main menu showing you all the stuff you don’t have and can’t have if you don’t hand over extra money. This was fine when all the other stuff wasn’t in the game, but they’re seriously asking for a lot at this point.

I’d personally be alright with this if Rocket League was a free to play game, and at this point it should be. If it was just the 20 dollars, I’d say go for it and it would be a 10/10 in my book. If rewards were based on a battle pass style system that you DIDN’T have to pay for, that would be awesome. If there were no microtransactions/loot boxes, it would be well worth it. If the game becomes free to play, I’ll change my review to positive or delete it all together. Say what you will about Fortnite, but they’re doing things the way Rocket League should be doing things, and after so much fatigue over lootboxes and microtransactions in other games, I’m tired of having it shoved in to my face in the one game I used to play all the time.