How you can download Vampyr for free!

Here’s my review of Vampyr (June 5th 2018 Release). I won’t really give this or a good or bad review. As the concept is really cool, but the game I feel wasn’t implemented the right way. There doesn’t seem to be much freedom of exploration, and the combat feels repetitive, the progression system is there but it’s very small and doesn’t feel like you’re going to unlock much. Instead of the protagonist feeling like an epic vampire with super strength/reflexes and can be an awesome acrobat and have a lot of freedom of exploration, he feels kind of like a plastic figure that’s able to move only in certain places (Kind of similar to X-Com) But a 3rd person. There isn’t really any real stealth or amazing finising moves, and the combat feels very repetitive. It’s a really cool concept, and the story seems very well thought out and planned, it makes sense and doesn’t feel rushed. But the gameplay just feels like it’s missing a lot of things. I wouldn’t really give this game a bad review, but it’s not really amazing either.

To be honest I feel I have more fun playing a vampire in Skyrim than this game and I feel I may have wasted a lot of money on this game, I figured due to some games like (Life is Strange) This would be as fun if not more fun than that game, but sadly I feel it’s not much in comparison. The freedom of choice (Good or evil) is really cool, but the combat just feels empty and the progression feels small. I like the fact it’s difficult to progress if you play more of a good guy, but it feels like there isn’t much to really progress forward. If you would like to play vampyr or give it a chance, just watch this video: vampyr free download! I feel bad leaving this review after they’ve worked so long and so hard on this game, I just feel maybe I should buy it another time at a lower price, the exploration just feels too restricted like a train ride and the combat is just too rinse and repeat. I hope in the future if they make a 2nd game of this, or they do a big patch that adds a lot of this game, I would come back and play it in a heartbeat. I just feel the game is very empty in a lot of ways.