Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review + Free guide

I haven’t had much gameplay time but this is becoming my favourite survival game, the map is huge – you can easily play for hours, it’s really fun with your friends or on single-player. I don’t know what PvP is like but I’m enjoying PvE, there’s locations where it expands more on the story. It’s a nice game I can come home to, enjoyable for casual players – singleplayer custom mode if you want a challenge.

The core of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection is combat, and the developers agree through their display of making the vast majority of the servers PvP.
The combat however is a joke, it has a laggy feel without actually being related to lag, it can be seen in both multiplayer AND singleplayer.
You can be standing directly in front of someone, be it a player or a npc, hit them, and the hit does not actually connect.
The hitboxes and weapons are so badly programmed that the entire combat system feels laggy without actually involving lag.
You can repeatedly hit a NPC on your screen in singleplayer, without any of the hits actually doing any damage, because you never know if a hit will actually connect or not, combat becomes extremely unenjoyable.
When it does not connect, it can be deadly as the NPC or player can combo hit you without you being able to do anything about it.
The animations of the combat may look cool, but that stops as soon as you see that what the animations do, and what actually happens in combat is not the same, with the animations hitting and the damage never being done. Oh and watch this video: How to get Street Fighter 30th Anniversary for FREE

There are a dozen more reasons for why this game is so underwhelming, but there is no point going into them when the core of the game alone is so unpolished. Almost all other areas of the game lacks the same attention to detail and polish as the combat does.

This game is as much a flop as the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection was and continues to be.
Funcom continues to establish its reputation as an unreliable game developer.
I hope future Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection games will be licensed to more competent developers.

Nudity is what sold this game to the masses. Nudity does not however make the game fun or make up for all it’s shortcomings. Think about that before you buy the next game that uses nudity to sell it self.