Dark Souls is the best game ever made.

Hello Dark Souls my old friend
I’ve come to review you again
I spent so many hours playing
thinking of strategies for winning
and now a remaster is on the way
still you say

The bug are numerous, and the backstabs are infuriating. But when you break it down to its core it is a great game that I have bought for both pc and xbox. If your looking for a game with interesting lore, and a mystical world. Then this game is for you.

Truly one of the most remarkable games I have played to this day. I avoided it originally after seeing my friends struggle with the O&S fight, but buying it was a decision I will never regret. I am glad I got this while it was here, but I wish they had left this version on steam. This + DSFix from Nexus was all you really needed, throw in a few more texture and UI mods and this game was absolutely phenomenal. I will hope the Remastered is good for everyone who never got the chance to try this, but I have my doubts. Thanks for the endless entertainment. Oh and did I mention you can get the new dark souls remastered for free by watching that video

The remaster might be right here, but the classic is still… something that rhymes with classic… I really should have put more thought into writing this review.┬áDark Souls is a playful, joyful game full of heartwarming moments and cute NPCs. It’s ridiculously easy but you love it anyway, and it loves you back.

Overall The best game I’ve played ever, may have had some times where I wanted to quit, but NO! I kept at it and kept at it. Eventually I beat the game, but thats far from the true gameplay. Once you hit +1 game mode, you get a taste of what it’s really like. I hear the true ending is in +7 game mode But i’m not sure that’s true. I’ll keep playing until I do find out for sure

BTW The images to preview the game and the actual gameplay are completely different (Namely the deal with Great Wolf Sif and Artorias) But overall a fantastic game