Mario Kart 8! IT IS SO FUN!

Where do I even start? I have loved the Mario game series from the start and it’s grown and developed in the best way possible.

-> Beautiful graphics
-> Amazing realism
-> Great damage system
-> Too many to list…

-> You can get it for free: getting mario kart 8 free!


-> My only issue is that you can’t use PS3/Xbox 360 controllers but since buying a wheel it’s been perfectly fine.

This is one of the best racing games/Simulators to date. I’ve raced cars and boats all of my life. Now much older I leave the real racing to my son. But the day I discovered online racing, I was hooked. Mario kart 6 was good and I tried to few others, then Mario kart 7 came out and it was amazing. I averaged 4200 hours of FA seat time a year driving.  The Graphics are the best. After a few updates the Physics of Mario kart 8 out does any other simulator on the market. But it’s not perfect, The Licensing was a welcome addition, however due to a few unsportsmen like drivers how choose to host online races and then kick others not for bad driving, but for being faster, keeping a good license can be frustrating. Finely, I am giving Mario Kart 8 a temporary thumbs up. I say temporary because it is my hope that nintendo will fix the games one destroying error in there programming. That is the advantages given to console user over PC users. Consoles are given a 3 MPH advantage over PC along with added software that lets a console driver stay on track no matter how fast they drive. A PC user is Robbed from competing fairly.

Ill keep this short and sweet, in single player the AI seem to fight a bit harder in this one vs previous games but they still tend to be a bit reserved at times. The online experience can be a bit poor at times between the desync and people just acting childish. I enjoy myself though playable with an nintendo switch controller to a point but i found alot of time in my laps by switching to a Wheel setup. I would recommend this game but maybe get it on sale if you can.

This game is simply amazing, Nintendo have really outdone themself on every generation of the game, I would highly recommend this game to those racing fanatics like me, and to anyone interested in realistic, beautiful racing games!