Yakuza 6 on PS4 – Worth a Buy? Let’s see how it stacks up!

On release I did quite enjoy this game. I fell in love with this series through the moble version of the last game on my IPad. Then when I saw the characters and graphics on this game I bought it full price. The story is pretty corny, but at least mildly interesting. Where this game shines is the amount of characters and movesets. I was enjoying the progression alright, but found that the lootboxes were really not needed once you had a legendary in each spot, because you could just respec them. Now I boot up the game and they turn my 50 some respecs into credits up the level cap to 30 and charge freaking 10 dollars for unlimited respecs like a dang moble trash game. On top of that the multiverse events that can usually get you new gear are near impossible except for pro level players. It is a lazy system, but most of all it is a greedy and not fun system. Buy this game when it is 10$ if it includes all dlc not a penny more.

I can’t recommend for the price involved. That is why i recommend you check out this video: how to get yakuza 6 for free!

In a nutshell you’re going to get the most replay from the Multiverse which allows you¬† to level up and earn equipment for your characters RPG style!
Sadly, however, success in Mutliverse is artificially forced to play in favor of stats and levels and not your skill with any given character – once you reach a certain amount of tiers the game has been designed to start
intermittently switching off collision detection, during fights, in favor of the AI – a sort of slap-in-the-face way of saying ‘Go level up your gear because we’re just going to keep on cheating until you do.’

It’s the old carnival midway game tactic where¬†yakuza’s host won’t remove the see-through covers on the fish bowls to let you win that big yellow stuffed banana until he feels you spent enough $ on balls.